The serene, vast beauty of unbiased nature and the condensed brutality and ignorance of man coexist and complement each other in Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s ‘The Revenant‘. The following is somewhat of a deconstruction – an attempt to put my love for this film (and its makers) into words.

For the first time I found myself being pulled back to the cinema over and over again to experience and explore the same film, within just a few weeks time. I can honestly say that each visit was deeply profound and got me weeping of sheer bliss. Yes, bliss. This film touched me in a deep way no other film has ever managed to do before. Never have I experienced a movie this immersive before. It has blown me away five times now, in five different ways.

Although a completely new kind of visceral experience every time, and recognizing the obvious meticulous brilliance on all levels of its epic production (that I won’t go into here), I realized that the main reason for my attraction boiled down to something that I could probably best describe as the power of juxtaposition..

In short – the peaceful and tangible presence of nature in contrast with man’s physical and brutal explorations within it. This is beautifully captured in most shots throughout the film by using extreme close ups in which the epic landscapes are simultaneously visible as well (through the use of extreme wide angles), creating something both very intimate as well as epic at the same time. This in and of itself is a beautiful use of symbolism (that the film is subtly packed with), showing the mirroring qualities of existence (the universe itself) of both its micro and macro level.

Not only is this visible within the shots themselves, this is also conveyed by juxtaposing intensely violent and chaotic scenes with shots (and sounds) capturing the tranquility and harmony of nature. To me, these moments of silence are an essential and crucial part of why this film not only works, but comes alive. These masterfully timed ‘pauses’ created a sense of space – both within the story, as well as space for the audience to exhale and release (their tears).

The contrast between and combination of these two entirely different points of view sets up a potential third perspective (for the audience). One in which, to me, the beauty of the very coexistence of these types of awareness is revealed and revered. A point of view in which I, as an observer, am allowed to rest in. I felt myself going back and forth between ‘losing myself’ in a very primal and physical exploration and on the other hand an incredibly peaceful, spacious and omnipotent kind of viewpoint, which in turn put the whole story in an absurd kind of perspective. And I mean that in the utmost positive and empowering way.

I know this especially will be highly personal. To me, this felt like a passionate celebration of existence itself and all the perspectives it takes on to chose to express and experience more of its infinite self. It gave rise to a feeling of great appreciation for the notion of ones free will that is never infringed upon – the fact one is allowed to make its own choice, always.

In this case (although perhaps unconsciously for the protagonist) the choice to cloud himself by mainly focusing on ones own (self-imposed) limitations and therefor creating a convincing (yet illusory) sense of separation from his fellow man.. all within an infinitely abundant and unaffected existence.

Again (as I did almost exactly one year ago), I’d love to wrap up this sort of metaphysical movie review (interpretation) – showing gratitude towards the very existence of this movie and its makers by, in particular, thanking its director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, for his passion, vision and (trust in ones guidance through) intuition. For these, in my eyes, are some of the main ingredients responsible for channeling an innovating, multi-dimensional, genuine and transcendent experience of this kind.


Alejandro G. Iñárritu (The Revenant), Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), Adam McKay (The Big Short), George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road), and Ridley Scott (The Martian) discuss the making of their films in this 2,5 hour talk, which is by far one of the most in-depth and hugely inspiring ones I’ve seen recently.

This is excellent stuff for any (aspiring) storyteller out there. Highly recommended for anyone with a desire to dive into and get more familiar with the multi-layered and magical world of filmmaking. I won’t go into detail here, except for wanting to point out Jeremy Kagan’s beautiful next-to-last question – apparently the most important one to be asking ourselves, according to Einstein.

If you don’t want me to give away this somewhat unexpected, yet strangely obvious and relevant last part of this already very engaging, fun and insightful conversation, then I’d suggest to check it out first before you continue reading my following thoughts on this most exciting and existential notion..

Not only is this question itself in this particular context very exciting, the given answers were each equally beautiful to me and, in my eyes, clearly reflect (although perhaps subtly) our current collective shift in awareness. On top of that I can’t help but be fascinated about (the way that this shows) the fact that we each have the ability to choose how to interpret and (therefore) experience our realities. This very example in and of itself, to me, is a confirmation that the universe is in fact innately benevolent.

One could argue that it can both be friendly and hostile depending on our viewpoint. I’d say that of course it can be experienced in both ways from a (physical) human perspective, which is exactly what George Miller points out in his answer. The fact that each individual person is allowed to choose their own unique point of view, the fact that one’s free will is never ever infringed upon, is a universal truth that in and of itself is benign in nature.

That neutral and inherently meaningless ‘middle-ground’ is our home base from which we can see with clarity, act confidently, choose wisely and simply be in bliss.. for no apparent reason. As all is connected, with Infinity at/as the source of everything and the notion of free will as its very first ‘distortion’ (in order to be able to express and actually experience itself), there can fundamentally not be such a thing as separation. It is an illusion, as all originates from, and is in a way dreamed up by, one infinite indescribable Source. There is no actual ‘outside’. There is no ‘other’. There is only the illusory, yet relevant (chosen), experience of a seeming external reality, as all is one. One single being.

Ok, here’s an awesome analogy and rather psychedelic way of visualizing this thing. Imagine being part of one infinitely large mirror that (inevitably) expresses a desire to explore itself in as many ways it possibly can, therefore shattering itself, creating an infinite amount of shards. You are one of these uniquely shaped, yet inseparable, shards – reflecting itself (Infinity), back to itself. In any way you choose to.

We exist as/out of the Infinite’s love for itself. We are created in that image. True love. Self love. I’m writing this down with tears of joy. This here would be my answer to the question asked above. This is my humble perspective – one of Creation’s infinite reflections.. sharing with you that particular point of view. Why? Because it feels amazing to do so. Causeless fucking joy..

And exactly that would be my answer to Jeremy Kagan’s final question, which is; what would be your advice to a new director? Consciously or not, we are all constantly directing our own lives by the stories we keep telling ourselves (as thoughts and beliefs), so tell yourself a story that feels good, because it feels good.. and the universe shall reflect that in a way that will serve you and your story.


Let it be obvious that everything is synchronicity.. and you’ll feel it, enjoyably so, slapping you in the face on a (more) consistent basis. This way ‘magic’ will swiftly become the new ‘logic’.

The first sentence above is a tweet i just posted. After coming up with this statement of how I interpret/experience my reality recently, I felt excited to note down my subsequent train of thought..

I presume that most of you have realized that there really are no such things as actual ‘coincidences’ (in the way our old paradigm has defined this term). We live in a vibrational (rather than situational) universe, in which everything (every possible configuration of energy) that can possibly ever exist, already inevitably exist, simultaneously – in a timeless and spaceless (non)moment. Our perceived and seemingly physical reality is a direct vibrational response to our previously emanated attitude. In short – what you put out, is what you get back (this is also known as the Law of Attraction).

In this way we could say there is really is no such thing as synchronicity either, as that kind of implies some ‘special’ occurrence, which then would mean the exclusion of other occurrences. What to me feels more accurate (and empowering) is to simply state that everything is in fact synchronictic in nature. Synchronicity can come in any way, shape or form. It can either be conceived/perceived as positive (expansive), negative (contracting) or neutral. It’ll always present itself in a manner most relevant to ones journey.

Part of my initial urge when posting this tweet was to humbly and lovingly convey to you not to judge any seemingly ‘bad’ (innately neutral/meaningless) experiences or exclude anything from being a synchronistic reflection. So, don’t make too big of a deal out of this thing. Yes, be excited when recognizing its presence, just don’t be precious about this ongoing eternal event that is alway already taking place, whether you realize it or not. By not putting it on any ‘spiritual’ pedestal and just treating it as a most ‘logical’ and obvious occurrence, you will (more) consistently notice it slapping you in the face in the most unpredictable, fun and hilarious ways. Always, lovingly so.

You always (already) effortlessly create your reality, whether you are aware of it or not. Let the recognition of any type of synchronicity serve as a permission for yourself in allowing you to become more familiar with a reality in which every single moment is simply a reflection of your definitions and previously held beliefs. You therefor, if you so desire, have the ability to master your life. Let it be empowering in this way. Let it be a confirmation that you are both the perceiver as well as the conceiver of your reality. The choice is up to you to take that vibrational responsibility or to create the illusion that you are a victim of an actual external world.

“By sending out the idea that we are not creating our reality, we actually get back a reality that seems to confirm to us that we are not. We are then actually creating the experience that we do not create our own reality.” – Ishuwa of the Yahyel.

Having said that.. As this inescapable, ever-present benign intelligence becomes increasingly more apparent to me, the sense of life’s mystery, paradoxically so, deepens as well. There lies great power in this beautiful paradox. There’s no such thing as one truth. All are valid and true from their own unique point of view. It is entirely up to you to chose yours, as free will is always honored, above all.

Additionally I’d like to mentions that formulating statements on the fundamental principles of creation and regarding my experience of reality in (often exactly) 140 characters, is something I’m very much enjoying lately, for several reasons. I find it a beneficial practice in stripping down a certain inspiration, revelation or daily theme to its very essence and in this way crystallizing it even more. The idea that sharing this might reach, resonate with and empower others in changing the way they view and therefor experience life (if they choose to) just genuinely feels good. So, act on your excitement and be epic!

next level life

Word in the galaxy is that physical reality is a mere illusion. Ok.. If so, why even bother then, right? Well, realizing that your life is a vibrational and illusory game you have the ability to take control of can be an excellent way to kick off empowering yourself and to master that game. Illusory does not imply irrelevant..

Have you ever wondered that you might have consciously (from a ‘higher’ level of the game) chosen this particular illusory incarnation, for the sake of actually having a specific (earth human) experience?

One could say that, in a sense, the only real thing is the unbounded Source of everything – that which is beyond experience itself; Infinity. Everything that this Infinite and unlimited source has created out of itself, therefor is a limited distortion of itself. So, true Infinity is even beyond awareness. As a desire to know and experience itself, Infinity created awareness of itself (as one of its first distortions)..

Ok, talking about experience.. I’d love to take this opportunity to introduce Bentinho Massaro. The video in my previous post was the first time I ever heard a human being talk this sincere and confident about the nature and structure of reality as ultimately being both timeless and spaceless. I felt this dude wasn’t here to convince anyone of anything. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything. I could feel he was talking from actual experience and was genuinely and excitedly sharing this knowledge to all who were open and willing enough to listen and learn.

Shortly after manifesting this (beardless) ‘spiritual’ teacher I realized the so called ‘seeking’ had ended for me. Never had I come across any other information that was this clear, cutting edge, efficient and all-inclusive! Never had anything made so much fuckin’ sense. Now it was time to play and put it all into practice! It soon became very clear and obvious to me how most ‘spirituality’ out there is still actually very limiting and biased in so many (subtle) ways, and therefor never felt exactly right to me. I can’t tell you how liberated I feel and grateful I am for manifesting this guy as a perfect permission-slip to teach myself more of what I have always already known.. and to do that in such an exciting, experiential and no (spiritual) bullshit way! Boom! Thank you Bentinho, for my life has reached new levels of clarity and confidence, with a beautiful spacious and multi-dimensional sense of being.

Ok, enough of the ranting. Different strokes for different folks. But who knows this might float your vibrational boat as well.. If you haven’t already heard of him, then perhaps I’ve made you somewhat curious by now. The following video might be a good place to start if that is the case. It’s a concise and powerful 37 min presentation on the abundance and, in my eyes, sheer obviousness of creation.

Now allow me to, in my own words, sum up some of the fundamental and bad-ass principles of creation that are at the core of Bentinho Massaro’s teachings. Perhaps this might resonate with you..

– There is no such thing as an actual external world. The reality that one perceives (created out of ones own presence-energy) exists entirely within ones own consciousness. You are not a consciousness trapped inside a body. You are that which is projecting a holographic reality, including your own seemingly physical body.

– Ones perceived (physical) reality is a direct reflection/result of ones previous vibrational (non-physical) attitude. What you put out, is what you get back. By mastering your thoughts, feelings and definitions you can therefor ‘create’ your preferred reality.

– Everything in existence is already perfect, equally valid and fundamentally meaningless. Nothing has inherent meaning. Everything is essentially neutral and meaningless, yet everything has purpose – which is to experience and express Infinity in a unique way.

– Time and space are illusory, yet relevant. They serve as a playground which we chose to have a particular and seemingly linear experience in. The sense of both time, space and motion is created by effortlessly shifting through billions of parallel existing realities every moment (see previous post).

– Everything that can ever exist, does already exist, simultaneously. Everything exists together in one timeless and spaceless moment. It is Infinity experiencing itself through its endless expressions. Everything is possible, as there is only abundance. The only thing that does not exist is lack (which is why believing in it does not feel good).

bentinho-amsterdameventThis flyer (click to view) was actually what got me excited to write up a little something on master Ben Kenobi here. Hope to see you at this epic upcoming two day event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (January 2nd and 3rd). And to wrap things up, here’s the description of its powerful theme. I wish all of you modern jedi adepts an amazing, expansive and epic next level 2016, in which we are all doomed to succeed!

“2016 – The Year of Inevitable Success & Rapid Acceleration

Where 2010-2015 were years of intense churning–of burning through large quantities of energetic lethargy–and struggling to find our way out of darkness as we followed the increased gravitational pull that we all felt intuitively toward the light within; 2016 offers relief. That’s right. Actual relief.

Many of you will catch yourselves this next year spontaneously sighing, bodies completely relaxed as if having achieved victory after an 10 year long battle, and saying: “Finally, what I have desired for so long, is now truly here.”

It is as if we are entering into the slipstream of our desired realities both as individuals and as a collective human race. The seeds we have been planting–in the past 5 years especially–are now finally coming to fruition so much faster, and with seemingly so much more support and ease from the universe than we’ve been used to so far. By the end of 2016, our experience of daily resistances will have diminished by 95-98% as compared to an average day during the years 2010-2015.

2016 is therefore, the year of insane acceleration and inevitable success. Success meaning the coming to fruition of the joyful, ambitious and optimistic seeds you have been planting against all odds. This is the year where the skeptical part of your brain will be challenged; it will be hard to believe at times that things continue to go so well for you in all ways and always, and so rapidly too, that the first 6 months of 2016 will be held back only by the fact that you’re not used yet to navigating so quickly and effortlessly. It takes a little bit of getting used to in order to fully receive the abundance that is now being unleashed upon all who are on a conscious journey especially.

Even though the energy and density of this shared collective dream environment now provides you with everything that you are asking for 10 times faster than in previous years, your mind is still used to things moving slowly and it expects to be faced with lots of opposition to its dreams and desires, so you will find that in the second half of 2016 as you get used to this acceleration and start to embrace the constant evidence of goodness pouring into your life non-stop, that the second half will become even more streamlined and accelerated precisely because your skeptic’s mind will by then have surrendered to the abundance of your life as: “It is okay, this can be normal.”

By the second half of 2016 you will have embraced the inevitability of magical occurrences and surprising successes entering your life at an almost alarming rate. Join me in this retreat to amplify this acceleration and be at the cutting edge of it, so that all of you may shine even brighter as the beacons that you are and help–by example–many others achieve this high vibrational way of life as well. Everyone deserves to experience the goodness that they already are. You can unlock it in yourself, and then spill out into the rest of this shared collective dream. Let’s wake up this world through ease and joy, just because we can and just because it’s easy.

See you in Europe, my friends. It has been a while.”

Register here:

shifting parallel realities

Here’s a brief introduction to a message that can take epic proportions. I myself was very familiar with the idea that is talked about in the following video, and although it has always resonated with me, it had still remained mostly on an intellectual level, so to speak. Until recently that is.

We’re all unique fractals of creation – expressing and experiencing itself in an endless amount of ways. All (those) ways, perspectives, possibilities exist already. All possible configurations of energy, everything you can ever imagine exists, already. Everything exists here and now – as endless ‘frozen’ parallel, co-existing moments. Very much like the individual frames of a film, all existing simultaneously. As a human being (bouncing around in physical reality) we experience the amazing illusion of lineair time and movement by shifting between these parallel existing realities, constantly!

That (seemingly) external (and holographic) reality we appear to be bouncing around in, the parallel universes we shift through, are always a direct reflection of our vibrational attitude. The energy we put out, is what we get back. By mastering our state of being we gain the ability to experience these shifts more consciously and thus can start to ‘create’ our preferred genre-defying holographic movie-lives. Rather than just a groovy sounding concept, this can actually become vividly experiential if you choose to..

high vibrating bird

If you love films and appreciate seeing fresh, innovating and daring ways of stories being told, then I highly recommend checking out the 2014 movie ‘Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)’. 

“‘Birdman’ tells a story in which “a washed-up actor, who once played an iconic superhero, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself in the days leading up to the opening of his Broadway play.” It’s all kinds of fantastic, fun, exhilarating, bold, hilarious, imaginative, genuine, playful and truly, truly original!

This is not a review, rather more of an abstract expression of gratitude that (as the director perfectly puts in this great interview below) a movie of this kind exists. Especially after watching this interview it was obvious to me why the movie resonated with me so deeply. It’s a reflection of a new perspective and the vision of a beautiful and aware human being called Alejandro G. Inarritu: “I have been meditating for the last five years and I love it and I think that has helped me to understand how this internal voice operates in me. I decided to take it out and make a ‘therapy film’ – explore, in a funny way, how absurd and delusional that voice is that we all have.”

For me the movie captured a certain reality that i haven’t seen in any other movie before. It really is the first of its kind, incomparable to anything else out there, existing in its own dimension. One that I personally feel very drawn to. One that is thriving on all of the positive adjectives above. One that is a clear reflection of some of the magical and multidimensional aspects of reality. Many levels are explored in this film and I’d say the filmmakers really nailed it on every single one of them. Their passion and excitement not only translates, but explodes on the screen!

Thanks to Alejandro for being such a bold, honest and passionate artist and human being, who created something that I feel (agreeing with Michael Keaton) will be a real game changer within the Hollywood world as we know it. Exciting transformative (storytelling) times here on planet earth!

a dmt odyssey

A brief blog post sharing an inspiring conversation between Amber Lyon and Mitch Schultz (writer and director of ‘DMT The Spirit Molecule’) about the DMT experience.

“..Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a psychedelic compound produced profusely in nature and inside the human body. DMT is rapidly spreading around the world due to its ability to induce powerful mystical and healing experiences in just a 10-20 minute journey.” (

The reasons for dedicating a little blog post to this one interview are simple. I feel like I’m basically on the exact same energetic page as this wonderful ‘culture hacker’. Everything being said in these 50 minutes highly resonates with me and just the way this whole interaction is flowing with positivity made me excited to share it in this way. I feel very much part of this paradigm shift that is taken place and talked about in the video. The feeling to make a difference (first of all by altering and expanding my own perception of reality) became even stronger after the past month having experienced different plant medicines (such as ayahuasca) and having had a DMT experience that literally turned me inside out.. body melted and evaporated. It merged with- and became.. everything. An endless, beautiful, liquid space became visible. Never had I felt such an incredible amount of energy at once. As an observer, as pure consciousness, I then witnessed and felt my physical self slowly being pieced back together again. The process of adjusting to this incredibly fascinating suit called the human body was pleasant and highly exciting as I knew everything had just been changed in a positive and powerfully profound way.

I highly recommend anyone interested in exploring and expanding their own consciousness to check out this video – an exchange (between two beautiful human beings) in the form of a very accessible conversation about a powerful tool that can be used to dive deeper within and explore the magic and multidimensionality of existence – to ultimately create (or shift to) the reality you prefer. Yeah! More on DMT and ayahuasca in my previous blog post. My unconditional love to all!

re-connect and remember

The following post will be somewhat in relation to our upcoming trip to Mexico (Yucatan) and Peru and an energetic experience we’d love to immerse ourselves in.

There are many natural ways for reaching altered states of consciousness and getting glimpses of other (parallel) realities and experiencing other consciousnesses. One extremely powerful way is the use of ayahuasca – this way you are guaranteed more than just a glimpse. Ayahuasca is a sacred healing medicine. It’s basically a mixture of the amazonian Banisteriopsis vine mixed with DMT (dimethyltryptamine) containing plants – creating a psychedelic visionary brew. DMT is a molecule found in nearly every living organism. Interestingly enough the compound is also released from our very own pineal gland at the moment of both birth and death – again the moment of a transition between dimensions. More on DMT and its relation to the world of spirit can be found in this fascinating documentary below.

According to the indigenous amazonian people the specific instructions on exactly which plants to combine (out of the hundreds of thousands out there) to create this visionary brew came directly from the spirits of the jungle. The healing power of ayahuasca enables one to clearly see what’s gong on beyond the physical and emotional realms that we are all so familiar with and many are so attached to and stuck in. It allows one to witness a different perspective, a different version of the same reality. A version on a vibrational, energetic, spiritual level.

One of the reasons that got me writing this post is this exciting new documentary on ayahuasca I’d love to share with you. It’s a very personal, open, adventurous, mind-bending work documenting the healing powers and multidimensional layers of nature – that we can allow ourselves to experience through powerful triggers such as this hallucinogenic plant (but which are fundamentally all to be found within ourselves). The film is an intense trip that got me even more excited to keep raising my frequencies, re-educating myself, letting go of old self-imposed limitations and this way broadening my focus and living a more exciting, magical and loving life. You can either rent or buy ‘Aya: Awakenings’ here.

I’d also highly recommend checking this insightful and inspirational interview with the lovely Rak Razam – entheogenic researcher and the director of the documentary. By embracing ‘tools’ such as ayahuasca we can allow ourselves an opportunity to realise that the greatest illusion is that of separation. It’s a powerful way of experiencing unification – understanding and knowing everything is connected. The most important message Rak Razam is addressing is the importance of a re-connection with our very own energetic, spiritual realms. Another lovely man who’s putting a very similar message out there and who I’d love to mention here is writer and journalist Graham Hancock.

To wrap up this post I’d like to quote a beautiful part of narration from ‘Aya: Awakenings’. “..Our energy bodies are awakening to a deeper understanding to the true nature of reality. Down there we’re in normal physical reality. We have filters that adjust our perception – and this is why every culture in the world has different views on how reality is. The path of shamanism is like climbing this mountain. This world is a school – but life’s not just about learning. It’s about remembering. At one time we knew everything, but when we come down here they blank out your memory. When you take the filters of, with tools like ayahuasca, you see the greater reality. The key is to remember.”

after disclosure

What I would love to share with you now is a specific message and statement concerning an upcoming open contact between our human civilisation and other civilisations beyond planet earth. Hold on to your hats. Or not. It’s up to you.

By realising that, ultimately, all our limitations are self-imposed, illusory, and the more we face them and let go of old negative belief systems (which cause these limitations) – the more we start to experience a new, open, exciting, childlike and spacious way of interacting with our given physical reality (and allow ourselves to go beyond). Especially this beautiful and powerful feeling of ‘spaciousness’ is something I experience more and more – by understanding nothing has a built in meaning. Life is fundamentally meaningless. All is neutral. All just IS. When we start to give new positive and empowering meanings and definitions to situations and circumstances – we start seeing that being reflected in our day to day reality.. and real magic happens. The energy we put out is the energy we get back. It is really very simple.

Nowadays some might call these workings ‘the law of attraction’ – although I’d say it’s not something you actually attract to you. It’s something that’s already present – always, all the time. The idea is that you just match your frequencies to that particular reality (parallel dimension in this way) and by doing so you are now able to perceive it. I believe you cannot fully perceive what you are not a vibration of yourself. It’s a matter of tapping into the source, you could say. The one spirit that flows through us all, the one energy that connects and binds us all. If you are open to this magic then the following text might be of interest to you.


FACT: From 1982 to 1985, large triangular and boomerang-shaped UFOs were reported over the Hudson Valley by over 7,000 credible witnesses, including police and officials at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

FACT: In 1989 and 1990, large triangular and rectangular unidentified flying objects, one the size of an aircraft carrier, were reported over Belgium by over 2,000 witnesses, including police and military personnel.

FACT: In 1997, multiple sightings of a mile long boomerang-shaped UFO were reported over the state of Arizona by over 10,000 witnesses, including police, military personnel and Republican Governor Fife Symington.

We make no claims as to the nature or origin of these UFOs. However, those who have taken the time and effort to conduct serious, in-depth investigations into these reports know that these sightings are of real, physical crafts and are indisputable FACTS. Thousands of such sightings of physical crafts of unknown origin have been reported throughout the world for decades by credible witnesses, yet most who report such sightings are treated with ridicule, disbelief, scorn and even threats.

In light of the facts, we who have witnessed such unexplained crafts no longer accept this cynical mindset as realistic or credible.

Those of us who are witnesses to the UFO phenomenon know they exist for a fact. This is not an issue of speculation for such witnesses. However, we do not insist that non-witnesses must believe such objects exist, only that witnesses be treated with respect and that we deserve the same fairness and courtesy afforded to any individual or group who honestly expresses their point of view without fear of ridicule, punishment or persecution.

Recent polls clearly demonstrate that more than 50% of Americans believe that UFOs are a real phenomenon that deserves legitimate recognition and serious study by open-minded, qualified scientists, rather than being summarily dismissed as misperceptions, fantasies, hoaxes or hallucinations by cynical, unqualified debunkers. Over 36 million Americans have seen a UFO.

To put this statistic in political terms, these witnesses are also voters.

Therefore, we urge all who agree with the spirit of this declaration to send copies of this letter to their representatives, public officials, the media, the police, the military, airline officials, NASA and all candidates running for any public office to assure them that our votes will go only to those who acknowledge the UFO phenomenon as real and deserving of serious scientific investigation and who publicly endorse fairness and respect toward any witness who reports a UFO. (

This was a message (in the form of a short text) from the extraterrestrial consciousness called Bashar – recently channeled by Darryl Anka. Again, if you are not familiar with ‘channeling’ and would like to know more then I would like to point out this earlier blog post – in which I explain some basic information on Bashar and the process of channeling.

If this resonates with you, if this is true for you then feel free to spread the message in it’s original form – as “it will aid and assist in the acceleration of this energy, of this awareness, of this awakening, of this state of being in all those who are at the very least willing to be open to this information, willing to be open to this energy, willing to be open to the reality of contact between your civilisation, our civilisation and other civilisations.. who are already observing, already present..” In the following video Bashar also explains that by sharing this message, their society, for the very first time “puts their first finger in our political arena”. The following text is another excerpt from the video below.

“We are awakening into the remembrance, into the knowledge, into the knowingness, that what and who you are as a being, as an expression of consciousness, is far greater, far more expansive, far grander than you have been taught to believe for many generations. And now you are beginning to awaken into that greater self, the greater you.

And what comes with that is.. more understanding that you are not isolated, not alone, that you are interconnected, that you are part and parcel of one creation that expresses itself in a multitude of ways. And thus then you are getting reflections, now, from us and others, of that awakening – of the awareness that you exist simultaneously on a multitude of levels, in a multitude of realities, in a multitude of dimensions. And we are happy, overjoyed and grateful to be capable of reflecting this to you in our interactions. This, for us, is how contact begins.

By the dissemination of ideas, reflections, and information that give you the opportunity to absorb them at your own pace, in your own timing, at your own discretion, for we force no ideas upon you whatsoever. It is up to you to determine what you choose to believe is true, for yourself as individuals, for yourselves as a society. It is up to you to reflect to us when you are ready for more, when you are ready to awaken into the greater reality of the interstellar community that surrounds you – of which you are a part, but of which you are only awakening to now.. your part in that entire family.

We are overjoyed to help you realize your connection, your involvement, your co-creation in the greater family of existence all around you. And we welcome you at this time into that family into an awakening state that allows you to experience yourself as interstellar, inter-dimensional beings of creation. As we ourselves in our own experience, in our own history, have awakened to this fact, have awakened to this perception, have awakened to this knowledge – we now are grateful and overjoyed to be present at the birth of your awakening. And thus then we thank you for sharing your experiences with us.” (

Contact with other worldly civilisations happens all the time in many different ways – for instance through meditation or channels like Darryl Anka. Open contact is the next big leap. We have been told that this hasn’t happened in this way on a global scale yet because it would simply be too much for most people to handle. Their, to us enormous presence, would blow our circuits so to say, as we are not ready yet. Many people would very likely go into fear – not knowing how to handle these amounts of energy. I guess you could say that in this way we would perceive a somehow distorted version of what would actually be there.

First we need to start loving ourselves in order to fall in love with luminous reflections of that in our soundings and in others. An understanding of interconnectedness is the key here. Knowing we are all one. We are all created from the same energy, from the same light. As we collectively raise our awareness and continue to rewire ourselves- we get closer to the (higher) frequencies these other civilisations operate on. In this way the possibility for open contact gets higher as well. After crossing the 2012 threshold (For more info on this and extraterrestrial contact check out this video) – we are now welcomed into the galactic family. Open contact is getting closer and closer.

What is quite unique and rare (as Bashar himself points out as well) is that he actually recommends a certain specific book – as to, in a way, prepare yourself for this new parallel existence and some of the transformations and changes society and yourself might have to go through to be able to experience that. The book Bashar mentions is titled “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact”. Check out the pdf version here. In the video below Richard M. Dolan – one of the authors, talks about the subject matter of the book. Have fun exploring that – I know I will. I’m looking forward seeing you on the spacious playground of this multidimensional crystal of creation! One love.

synchronicity and meaning

For some time now I don’t see the synchronistic moments in my life as so called ‘coincidences’ or ‘luck’ anymore. Currently I’m in the process of re-education and letting go of old (limiting) beliefs and re-defining many things. To me, these synchronistic moments always feel as a confirmation that I’m on the right path, so to say. This following sentence (from a text I feel like sharing below) describes it in a way that resonates deeply. “Synchronicity is your physiological indication of the interconnectedness of all things”.

It’s incredible to discover how many limitations we tend to impose upon ourselves. Realising they are ultimately all illusionary gives a sense of space. An enormous amount of space to fill in the way you want to. The whole world becomes a playground. More and more you can begin to experience life as a playful, adventurous and magical game. In physical reality there will always be limitations, which is great because it gives us a sense of focus. What’s great as well is letting go of some and this way expanding your focus within this exciting game of life!

The idea of absolutely nothing (no circumstance or situation) having a built-in meaning also resonates with me on a deep level. Nothing. No-thing. All is neutral. All just is. Life is fundamentally meaningless. We are here to fill it in the way we want to and to give it a meaning – which is representative of our state of being, our frequency. By defining things a certain way we see that being reflected around us and in this way we literally create our own reality. “The giving of meaning is the act of creation on your physical level”. Like there is no such thing as THE perfect diet, there is no such thing as THE meaning of life either. There are many meanings (all equally valid), cause there are many different lives (all equally awesome). All different expressions, different point of views from the same one source (spirit, god, energy, etc) that connects us all.

A perspective like in the text below helps me understand and feel, in my own way, the underlying mechanism of existence – the multidimensional crystal of creation! Being aware of how life can work for you, if you choose and allow it to, is a truly amazing thing and something you can master by practising it every single day. Ok, even if you don’t believe the following words come from an extraterrestrial entity called Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) – the message itself might still resonate with you, who knows.. (check out this previous blog post for more information and an introduction to bashar and channeling).

“Synchronicity and Meaning — which, if you wish, may be your entitlement for this particular interaction.  Synchronicity: we have discussed this a few times with many of you. What is it? Synchronicity: coincidence. As we perceive the interactions we have had with your civilization, we perceive that you think of coincidence more often than not as a fortunate accident. Maybe an unfortunate accident – but an accident many times nonetheless, random chance. “Oh, it just happened that way.” One in a million, as many of you are very familiar with the idea of, “Oh, it’s just the odds. Had to happen sooner or later.”

But the idea, you see, is that co-incidence is quite a bit more than that. Synchronicity: the right place, the right time, interacting with exactly who you need to be interacting with at that moment is far more than random chance. It is representative of the very foundational structure of existence itself, at least as far as physiological reality is concerned.

How does it happen? What is it? And how, perhaps, can you create more of the positive form of coincidence in your life, always knowing you’re at the right place, always knowing you’re at the right time, always knowing you’re interacting with exactly who and what you need to be interacting with to serve you best and to be of best service? How to increase that phenomena, as you say?

Well, first of all understand what it is and why it occurs. Synchronicity is your physiological indication of the interconnectedness of all things. Everything is connected to every other thing. Everything is an extension from every other thing. And why is this so? From our perspective because of the following idea: because everything is the same one thing, manifesting in all the multidimensional ways it possibly can. You experience this multidimensionality stretched out in a linear time frame because linear time is one of the ways you have of experiencing your physical dimension. But all things that occur actually exist all at once simultaneously.

“What do you mean by that? Not everything is happening right now, if it were, I wouldn’t be able to do one of these things. Everything would be happening all around; I’d be very confused.”

Yes. But that is why the definition of physical reality contains the ability to perceive linear time, in a sense, as many of you have already said, to keep everything from happening all at once, because your physical senses are not built to handle that. That does not mean they still do not exist all at once. To describe and explain this briefly, once again, refer to what we have called your radio analogy. You all know what the device is on your planet that you call radio, that all the programs that you could possibly listen to on that radio at any given moment are all there at the same time, all coming to the radio all at once. But the only one you hear at any given moment is the one you have your dial attuned to.

Physical reality is like that; this is an appropriate analogy. At any given moment, your focus of perception, your definition and your beliefs, your emotions and your thoughts represent the idea and the station, the frequency, if you will, that you are tuned into. And so that’s all you get; that’s all you pick up; that’s all you receive — is what you are focused to receive. All the other possibilities, all the other programs are still going on, and you could be receiving any number of them. But you only get the one, at any given moment, that you are most attuned to, and you are attuned because of how you have been taught to be attuned, through your perspectives, your attitudes, your point of view. That is your dial of reality, of physical experience.

Now, how do you change that dial to a program that perhaps is more to your liking? Very simple, you get in touch with the idea of the definitions you already have bought into that are generating the program you’re already getting, asking yourself: what kind of beliefs, what kind of definitions would I have to buy into in order to have the types of experiences I am having in my life, in my programming?

Once you get in touch with what those definitions are that are responsible for your original program, in rewriting them and redefining them, you are then switching the dial to another program. Because physical reality is only, and always has been, and always only shall be, the absolute, 100% mirror reflection of your strongest beliefs, your strongest definitions, your strongest programming.

Even your own physiological scientists now, your theoretical physicists, as you call them, are beginning to realize that physical reality does not actually have an empirical existence by itself, that the definitions, the perspectives, you have been taught are actually what is responsible for generating what you have for so long thought to be a separately existing physical reality that you just happen to exist within. You are beginning to realize this is not so, and that everything you have experienced your physical reality to be has always been the product of your strongest belief systems about what it could be, or might be, or what you fear it will be; for your strongest beliefs and your strongest emotions combine to generate a manifestation of that reality.

If it is a positive emotion, a positive belief, that’s the blueprint you’ve created; that’s what you activate, that’s what you get. If it is a negative blueprint, a negative emotion, you will get a negative pattern. This is simple physics. In many of the things we will be discussing with you, this day of your time, realize we are not speaking philosophically so much; we are not speaking in analogies so much; we are not speaking figuratively so much. We are talking pragmatic tools that actually are responsible for the generation, manipulation and manifestation of your physiological day-to-day experiences. You are the creators of your reality. Whether you do that consciously or unconsciously is up to you.

Now, synchronicity, having what you call a life that is blessed — always running into exactly who you need to — a charmed life, having exactly what you need at your disposal when you need it; not a second too late, not a second too soon, just right there — this is what you usually in your society call luck. There is no such thing. Not really, not in the sense you mean it.

You know, an aside for a moment, many individuals now in your reality, in your world, are beginning to explore what you have called metaphysical concepts, and some individuals find that they cannot believe that such ideas exist. However, they will still believe in luck; a more metaphysical concept I cannot imagine! The idea to imply that, “Oh, it’s just luck,” completely detaches the idea of that experience from any kind of physiological cause and/or effect.

The idea of even what are being discussed as metaphysical principles, they are not above and beyond the idea of physics. They are simply another state of physical understanding that have their own laws, that follow their own rules, and are tied very strongly into the idea of your physical reality. The so-called supernatural is simply another level of nature. There is nothing really beyond nature about it. It is simply, perhaps for now, a little bit beyond your typical day-to-day understanding, but that does not make it disassociated from the ideas of your physiological reality.

Luck, the concept of luck, to some degree implies even more deeply than any metaphysical concept that something could occur which is not attached to the mainstream of cause and effect. It does not really exist. Everything that you have called luck, both positive and negative, is the result of setting up a momentum, a synchronicity momentum, that takes its cue from the patterns of belief and definitions you have bought into most strongly in life. How you generate synchronicity in your life, more coincidence, is utterly determined by the type of meaning you put into the circumstances that happen in your life.

We have discussed from time to time with many of you the idea that no circumstance and no situation has built-in meaning. All situations are summarily blank, devoid of meaning to begin with. Empty. They do not bring meaning with them. They are simply neutral props, arrangements of surface symbols that have no meaning unto themselves other then the meanings you have been taught to give them. So automatically do you apply meanings to certain situations, because they are so ingrained within you to do so, that you think that the situation brings with it its own built-in meaning.

But it doesn’t. It’s just that you very quickly apply a meaning on a very unconscious level, because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. “When you see this, sonny boy, or little girl, it means this. Don’t forget it or you’ll be in big trouble.”  “Yes mother; yes father.”  “Over and over and over again, I’ve told you when you see this, it means this. Steer clear, or do this or do that.”  “Yes mother; yes father.”

Pretty soon — doesn’t take very long at all — you absolutely buy, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the meaning you have been instructed to believe a circumstance had is the only meaning it can have, and that it takes you sometimes a very long time to realize, “Oh, wait a minute. It could mean this, too. Doesn’t always have to mean that. It could mean this.” But then you go through a long process on your planet of unlearning the old ideas to give yourself an opportunity to learn new applications. It doesn’t have to take that long.

And we are not necessarily suggesting that many of the things your parents tell you are not for your own benefit. But the idea in your society has been carried to an extreme, where you simply buy into every single idea that you society tells you — very automatically, more automatically than you think. And you automatically apply the meanings you have been taught to every given situation, and do not understand why certain things keep repeating in your life — because you are not consciously in touch with the fact that the meanings you keep applying to the circumstances that happen are what cause them to perpetuate themselves in endless cycles of repetition.

The idea, therefore, is to understand that while everything does exist simultaneously, you are still in the act of co-creating it with the Infinite Creation, and the way you, as aspects of Creation — and all beings within Creation, as aspects of Creation — create and co-create and continue to expand the idea of creation is by applying meaning to the surface symbols that already exist. The meaning you give them determines their content, determines their effect, determines the life you experience. The giving of meaning is the act of creation on your physical level. That’s what determines what you experience.

And also, the type of meaning you start to impart to the circumstances in your life will then create a momentum that will determine what kind of circumstances, even on the surface, begin to crop up in your life, and what kind of meaning or significance they have for you. Now, understand this: every single event, no matter how small, every single action, no matter how seemingly insignificant has effect and impact on your life. And you are inexorably intertwined with every single thing you experience. You have helped create it for one reason or another. Now, certain events may not have as high a degree a significance for you as it may have for someone else in that event, but your presence in the event, your coincidental presence in that event has still created the factors necessary to help set it up, so that whoever needs to get the impact out of it can.

There are no accidents, and I am talking down to the most fundamental idea. There are no accidents about all of you that are present in this interaction today. It is not an accident who you are sitting next to. It is not an accident what they are wearing. It is not an accident what you ate for lunch, if you did eat lunch. It is not an accident what you notice, what you hear. The smallest scrap of paper that blows in the wind at your feet is not an accident. It is all your choreography; it is all your orchestration.

Granted, a large degree of it is automatic, on automatic pilot, as you say, so that you don’t necessarily consciously have to be aware of every single detail and organize that. That would be too much for your mentality. But the idea nonetheless is that whether it has a great deal of significance for you, or a small amount of significance, it still has some significance if you experience it at all. You are incapable of experiencing any event in your life that doesn’t belong there. Nothing in your lives is superfluous or extraneous. There are no extra creations. Everything fits, every single thing.

When you begin to look at life that way, when you begin to realize that where you are is exactly representative of who you are, then you can get a handle, as you say, on the definitions of who you are, and if you don’t prefer the definitions of what it is you are experiencing, you can change it. It is in your power to do so, and always has been. Always. And it is a very simple thing to do. You have created all that reality to begin with, anyway, and you have done it automatically, effortlessly — so effortlessly you don’t even necessarily know you’re doing it.

You can still create any reality you want with the same degree of effortlessness and automatically. Just because the idea has been ingrained within your society that having a life of ecstasy is harder than having a life of pain doesn’t mean it really has to be so. That’s only one of your society’s shared consensus definitions. You don’t have to buy into it any more.

There is absolutely nothing inherent within the idea of positivity and negativity that says, “Negativity will happen more often than positivity. It is easier to come by, and negativity is more representative of reality than positivity is.” Look at the tales you tell in your society. You tell a tale, and individuals in that tale — oh, perhaps there may be a moment or two where they are having a good time, but then they are involved in a great deal of conflict and struggle and strife. And you say, “Oh, that was a very realistic story!”

But then you go and watch a story and everyone is having a good time, and everyone finds and discovers exactly what they need, and works the situation out and lives happily ever after. “Huh, nice fairy tale. Too bad life isn’t really like that.”

Why not? There is no reason why one should be more representative of life than the other, except the definitions you have chosen to buy into. The only reason your society has bought into the idea is because the type of society you have created yourselves to be is highly focused in physical reality, one of the most highly focused we have ever discovered. And because of that a particular idea came along with that degree of focus, the ability to forget that you created it to begin with.

You have played the game of forgetting for thousands of your years of counting. But now you have played all that limitation and forgetting out, almost completely. So now you are as a society beginning to wake up and say, “Well, wait a minute; there must be something more. I have been living a particular type of dream. We have been walking in our sleep; now we are waking up… into another dream, a dream we prefer. A dream that lets us know we are more than we previously thought, and can be anything we really wish to be.”

All reality is a dream; all dreams are real. You are dreaming right now. I mean that quite literally. This interaction, in every sense of the word, is a dream. It is simply that you have labeled that this dream shall have the aspect and image you call solidity, reality. It is no different than anything else that passes through your imagination, except that you define it to be more solid than anything else. That’s the only difference, that one definition, that one concept.

But you see how powerful those concepts are. Because that’s all it takes – is that one definition to create everything your society has held to be true for thousands of years. That’s all it takes, and that’s why it’s very easy to transform your lives. Because once you get a hold on the idea that the definition is the only thing responsible for any seeming barrier in your life, once you redefine it, away it dissolves, back into the essence, the energy from which it was created. And what crystallizes in its place is the new definition. It is as simple as that.

Now, there may be many techniques and rituals that will aid and assist you in the processing of this understanding, to arrive at a time where you can allow yourself to change your reality very quickly. If you desire such processes, if you must take time to do this, then that’s your choice, and you can learn much from it. Do not berate yourself for taking the time; it is what you need, according to the definitions you believe you are capable of. That is not cause for bereavement or self-judgment. But the idea simply is that these things do not have to take as long as they have taken and this is what we are here to assist you with — to understand that the meanings you give to life determines utterly the type of synchronicity you experience. Whether it be positive or negative, conscious or unconscious is up to you, but you are the creators of your reality, both individually and collectively by telepathic agreement.

You will generally abide by the rules of the game that you have all agreed to play, but there is a lot more leeway, as you say, in those rules than many of you have thought. It is not as rigidly structured as you have been led to believe. And especially now that you are in your transformational age where you are exploring the idea of what consciousness really is is there a great deal of freedom to express, what you have called for so long, your free will, but really don’t ever consciously know you’re using. Now is the time to become conscious on your planet that you really have free will, and what that really means.

At this timing, in return for your willingness to interact with us as ambassadors of your civilization, and allowing me to function as an ambassador of our respective civilization within the Association of Worlds, we will let you know that your interaction for us is a gift. Our unconditional love creates ecstatic joy in your willingness to co-create this interaction this day with us. Because through you we are allowed to see that many more ways that the Infinite Creation has of expressing itself within the creation that it is. And this is a gift to us.” (